About Us

Our Objectives

The objectives of the union are stated as follows:

  • To bring together all Academic Staff of Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Colleges of Technology in Nigeria
  • To advance , project, and promote good relationship between Academic Staff and their employers.
  • To advance, promote and demand proper conditions of service for its members.
  • To provide and maintain such service(s) that is/are of benefit and assistance to its members.
  • To advance and promote the education and training of its members
  • To establish and maintain high academic performance as well as professional and technological practice.
  • To encourage its members to participate actively in the development of technological education and commerce in Nigeria.
  • To collaborate with the Federal and State governments to institute a culture of good governance towards achieving the objectives of Polytechnic/Monotechnic education in Nigeria.
  • To cooperate with other organisations and Unions which share similar objectives.
  • To pursue other objectives which are lawful and are not contrary to the spirit practice of Trade Unionism in Nigeria.