Dear ASUP members.

Thank you for your letter, text messages, phone calls, and physical confrontation alerting us to the problem you have been experiencing within the college towards discharging your duties. We are sorry you have been subjected to such a frustrating series of events.

Being able to assess and address member’s complaints is key to providing great union service.  It’s a fallacy to assume that your argument has no merit. It’s union job to seek out the friction and find solution to your complaints.

We pride ourselves on responding to members' concerns very quickly, so what you have experienced and currently experiencing will soon be a forgone issues.

Union have spoken with management and other stakeholders towards resolving the pertinent issues like security and outstanding part-time and promotion arrears.  

On Part-time honoraria: Management have promised that balance of lecture claim for SMBS will soon be paid, while other part-time claim will be spread and paid as college become buoyant.

Promotion Arrears: It is saddening that YabaTech portion of released 2013-2016 promotion arrears is yet to be disbursed to the beneficiaries due to logistics and documentation inadequacy from the college. With current efforts been made by the Rector, the union assured our members that in no distance time the beneficiaries of the promotion arrears will soon be receiving alert from their financial institutions.

Security: the security issue is a complex one, our resolution as regards this at the last congress have been communicated to the management and efforts is ongoing for repositioning of security system in the college.

While we continually been in contact with the management towards demanding for our rights without any negative impacts on the college and stakeholders.

The union hereby implored our members to be partner in progress for betterment of this great college.

Aluta Continua. Victoria Ascerta.

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